About Us

American Veteran Consulting is a Veteran operated company dedicated to serving those who have served

Your Success is Our #1 Priority

We are truly dedicated to helping our clients achieve the best possible result on their VA disability claims.

LARGE network of PRIVATE medical providers

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to properly complete your DBQs, which helps maximize your disability evaluation.

Passionate Team of Experts

Many of our consultants are Veterans or family members of Veterans who devote their lives to improving your quality of life.

It Is Our Honor To Hire Veterans

Our company is dedicated to helping military veterans succeed in their next mission transitioning from military service to civilian career. Not only do veterans make up a large percentage of American Veteran Consulting’s workforce, but we take pride in supporting them through their transition to civilian life. The proven leadership, commitment, camaraderie, and selflessness these men and women demonstrate are valuable assets we look for in all of our employees.

FREE AVC eBenefits Guide

Many Veterans are not aware of the VA disability benefits they are entitled to after they retire or are unfamiliar with the VA claim process and how to file — That’s why we’re here to offer generalized guidance on the VA claim process! 

Providing Resources for Veterans and Their Families

At American Veteran Consulting, we believe in providing informative, relatable, and beneficial resources to all Veterans — That’s why we’ve partnered with Advice for Veterans. Please feel free to visit their website and subscribe to their newsletter for updates!

Get the FULL benefits you deserve!

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